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After 19 weeks of the 20 lb struggle eating healthy is becoming a way of  life. So hooray for me! But I’m not all the way there quite yet.  I still have 4 lbs. to go.  I have been able to navigate through the dangerous waters of X-mas parties, family gatherings and going out with friends. I accomplished my goal for the week.  I held my own and didn’t let my eating get out of control.  I haven’t lost any weight this week, but then, I didn’t really expect to.  The good news is that I didn’t GAIN any.

With  X-mas safely behind me I now face the daunting challenge of New Year’s Eve! It’s going to be more difficult than you think.  Tomorrow I will be going to Orlando to meet my daughter, Amy, at Gaylord Palms Hotel. We will spend two nights in luxury in the hotel  and a full day at Disney’s Epcot where we look forward to dining at Chefs de France, a casual restaurant nestled under the Eiffel Tower in the France Pavilion. Yum!  I hope all the walking around the theme park will help us to work off the calories that will be comsumed there.

Then we will travel about 40 minutes northeast to stay with my daughter, Laura, and her family until January 3rd. If you are a regular reader of this blog you probably already know about Laura. She is a professional party planner who is somehow able to make every meal and occassion sparkle with creativity and deliciousness. No matter how much I try, the magic that she cooks up is just about impossible to resist.

Whenever I visit them, my grandchildren insist that I go on Wii Fit which is a Nintendo game that uses a balance board to calculate your weight and body mass index. The first time I used it about a year ago, I was shocked and dismayed to see that the game placed me smack in the middle of the “overweight” category, just below “obese.” The last time I visited them I showed vast improvement. I was still in the  “overweight” category, but only three pounds from “normal weight.”

If you think that weighing in at Weight Watchers is stressful, you should see me when I have to weigh in with Wii Fit. I usually try to weigh in as soon as I get there, before the effects of all the good cooking by Laura and Rick can be felt. Five days of temptation will clearly test my will-power. So I have a back-up plan, just in case.  Just like millions of others who want to start the New Year on the right foot, I plan to reinvigorate my diet and exercise regimes.

For everything there is a season.  There is a time to enjoy good food and family.  There is a time to get serious and get in shape. I intend to do both, just not at the same time.


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golf flagblogAfter five weeks of steady weight loss the ball has stopped rolling downhill and has come to rest yards from the hole. I can see that flag. I am lining up my shot. Will it just take one more putt? One more push to get me to my goal? Or will it be a series of smaller steps that will get me there?

At this morning’s weigh-in I discovered that my weight was UP a half a pound for the week. Let’s look at the bright side. That means 10.5 lbs GONE in 6 weeks!!!!

What have I learned from my experience?

Old habits die hard. I can still remember those wonderful family dinners when I was a child. I remember my aunts and uncles and cousins all gathered around our dining room table. I would help my mother with preparations a week ahead of time. Mama made her own dough and then created the most wonderful breads, rolls and coffee cakes from it. We made chicken soup.  It was my job to add the vegetables. We had a big roast turkey, sweet potato pie (often topped with iddy-biddy marshmallows), stuffing, noodle kugel, green beans slathered in margarine, and an array of desserts that was truly overwhelming. My mother served all this with pride and was hurt if anyone rejected what was put in front of them.  Her greatest pleasure, I think, was to sit at the table after everyone else was served and survey the faces heartily eating. “What! You don’t like the stuffing?” she might say. “You’ve hardly eaten a bite of it!”

Re-training myself to hold back when food is offered with love is challenging for me. My entire life trained me to show and accept love by eating the food my mother prepared. After a lifetime of equating love and food consumption it is difficult to look at a meal as JUST nutrition for my body.

YET. Times have changed.  My parents together with all the aunts and uncles are no longer with us. The cousins are rarely seen. But the feelings persist, even when it is my daughter, not my mother preparing the feast. Learning to look at food from a different perspective requires patience and persistence.

Considering what I would have eaten if I were not on my 20 pound struggle, perhaps I can take comfort in the fact that, despite some overindulgence, I am back on track and have only 9.5 more pounds to lose to meet my goal.

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