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Just to let you know that I am still hanging in there.  I’ve been busy with house guests.  Seems like the snowy, cold northeastern winter is stimulating friends and family to venture south. To be honest with you, I could have been better about my eating during this time. BUT, I am doing ok and maintaing at 15 pounds gone.

Sometimes it is just one thing and then another that takes my attention away from my diet regime.  Yet, the good eating habits and nutritional information that I learned in the early weeks are giving me a good foundation for maintaining my weight loss. You probably won’t believe me, but I swear that it is true…..I have had so much cake and sweets the last few months that I really want to get back on track.  I feel so much healthier and energetic when I reduce sugar and carbs and focus on lean protein sources for nutrition.

I’m looking forward to gaining control of my schedule so I can move forward again.  It is only 5 more lbs to go.  How hard can it be?????


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